We made it through the third treatment today. This one has pretty much wiped out any energy I once had, but it’s a temorary condition and I know that now. I’m a veteran these days, having already done this twice before. At the infusion clinic, the nurses call me Sam and treat me like family. I see them every week and it makes it so that I’m no longer very nervous at the start of each infusion. This time I made an attempt to show my mom how to play chess, but when she started winning I knew the drugs were probably doing their thing.

I’m now home and very sleepy. So far, I’ve been able to eat and drink normally, so that’s a relief. The only real side-effect seems to be fatigue. Even the steroids no longer hype me up to the level they once did. And the best part is – only one more to go!

I confirmed this tidbit with Dr. K today. He told me they couldn’t confirm that the lump I found wasn’t a lymph node, so we’ll have to keep an eye on it. Most likely, it’s the lipoma and I’m not really allowing myself to worry about it any more. It feels like a mushroom just beneath the skin. The lymph node they removed felt like a large, flat rock. That little difference helps me sleep at night.

I digress… So, finding out about the possibility of another lumpy spurred me to get some confirmation from the doctor about whether I have future treatments above and beyond the one in Decemeber. He said he was fairly certain that would be the last. He also said they will radiate the area around the incision and then possibly the next group of lymphnodes up from there.

I made him (my oncologist) a pie for helping to save my life. Seems small in comparrison. He’s a good doctor and I’m grateful to him for being so alert and aware of what is happening. He told me the last time I saw him to let him do the worrying. While I get through this treatment, I’ll take him up on that offer. I’m simply too sleepy to be worried right now. I’m just glad to be home on my comfy couch with my mac and a gug to snuggle. Does it get any better?