The Horse Princess did very well in her play today. And we all made it! Erick rigged a costume that was adorable and Ava was extremely gracious with all of the attention she received. Her grandma brought her flowers.

I went to see my internist this morning before the play since I’ve been sick now for a good few weeks. She told me I have bronchitis and since I’m still recovering from the treatments, prescribed some mild antibiotics and an inhaler. The inhaler is a rather strange device.

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The doctor told me today that when I came back with lumpy (I should call him lymphy), she was concerned. She said that a lump that size with lymphoma usually means it has already spread, but I was extremely fortunate. Not only was I lucky to have caught the disease so early, but I was also lucky my immune system held it at bay. Yay body!

At the play, I thought about how much we’ve all grown this year. I didn’t care so much about capturing every moment on film. Rather, it was preserved where it belongs, in our hearts and in our memories of time spent supporting, encouraging and enjoying one another. Yay Horse Princess!

For the readers: Were you ever in a school play? If so, what part did you play?