After my appointment, Christy and I drove over to her house and took a nice walk on the Vasa with Buddy. Afterward, we went down to Horizon for hot cocoa and conversation. Downstairs the chess club was meeting! It was the same group I used to play with seven years ago! Many of the people had moved on, replaced with newer, younger players, but a few remained. I had wanted to return to the club, but when I asked Borders, they told me they were no longer meeting. I didn’t realize it was simply they had moved to a new, better location.

Christy and I chatted for a while, but I couldn’t help be drawn in to the games all around. At one point, Christy asked if I wanted to play and so we sat down to a board and had a blast battling it out for an hour or so. It was a draw, but a good game and the people we met were very fun and kind.

While playing, this strange man walked in, looking all shy. He sat down to the piano about ten thirty and began the piano. It was lovely. I miss people like that. Flowers putting out their beauty and fragrance to attract bees.

I know this is a flimsy blog entry, but it’s early, so comment so I’ll strive to do better next time!