My dad’s a good cook (he taught me to make our famous apple pie) and even Erick is great; concocting a meal out of nothing in under thirty minutes.  I have not inherited such good timing and impeccable sense for seasonings and flavour combinations, but I’ve never let this stop me.   I can bake, but I shudder when faced with making a multiple course meal for family and friends.

Something in me changed today while I sat at the farm listening to workers conversing and cooking their lunch beneath the canopy of maples standing near.  Their ingredients were simple, yet elegant and fresh, picked within the hour.  When I arrived home, I made up a salad and my own dressing from my farm share and what I had in the refrigerator.  It was fun!  Tonight I prepared zucchini bread with honey drizzled over the crust (I always think of dessert first!),  bread with peppers sauteed in olive oil layered on top, breaded eggplant baked and served with fresh tomatoes and a rice/stir-fry as the main course.  The stir-fry consisted of garlic and onions plucked from the garden this morning, squash, dinosaur kale, fresh seasons from the farm all sauteed in sweet butter and olive oil.  The combination was stellar.

A photo taken at the farm this afternoon:


In other news, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Great ending to a fun and enduring children’s series.  I won’t give away any of the storyline, but I wanted to comment on the excitment that lasted the entire novel.   Fantastic!  I think I should make a wand out of elm with horsehair for the core.  We’ll be reading the series starting over at the beginning for the girls this winter.  I’m excited to get started.