I tried to get Hoartie last night, but the other horses were right on top of us, so I abandoned my efforts and went to hang out with the older mares.  I made the decision, wearing this monitor and having just finished chemo, as my husband pointed out, that maybe I should choose a less stressful horse-experience.  I adore Hoartie, but getting her through the gate can be extremely stressful and dangerous at times.  Working with horses is inherently dangerous, but there are degrees of this I’m willing to accept, and some I’m not.

Tearfully, I switched to an easy-going gelding.  The same horse that took me on my spirit ride atop the bluffs of Old Mission.  He’s a rideable, kid-friendly horse that will work out well for us and give me some time to rethink my goals.

I’m still faithfully waiting for Beauty!  And I’m still learning, but at a more appropriate pace.  Today, I feel like I should try Hoartie again and maybe I will, but I’m not going to let it stress me out any further.

It’s friday!  What are you doing for the weekend?