It would read: “Sam’s inbox: Where forwards go to die”

I’m not updating as frequently.  Busy.  Getting ready for school next week, homeschooling, Erick’s party yesterday (he turned 30!) and the farm project.  Erick’s party was fun.  We played Carnium which I highly recommend for large groups.  Lot’s of laughs.

I went for a ride last week which felt really good and I’m working with Dianna on working through my fears around horses.  She’s amazingly intuitive.  The fact that I was comfortable riding again is a huge step!

Tilt test on Tuesday.  My dear friend Christy will be assisting me for that at 6am.  Not sure what this test will be like, but I’ve heard rumors it can be strange.  I’m very curious.  My stress test resulted in some confusion which was very strange for me.  I couldn’t figure out my car and I felt really lost.

Still working on the book – almost done with a decent rough draft.  I’ll post a snipit if anyone is interested.  Otherwise I’ll be all secretive.

We looked at some land near our house today.  It’s within walking distance and about five acres zoned ag, so we could have chickens and horses.

Dying my hair black… gotta run…