I had to laugh.  On Friday I was given some sobering news about my health and something internally said to me the news was not accurate.  And then my beagle became very affectionate and I began to doubt myself.  This is what made me laugh, that I might trust my beagle’s intuition above the institution or my own.

I’ve had some strange things happen recently and my cardiologist suggested he suspects my cancer has returned, but again, I must stress, my instinct tells me this is not so.  I do have some valve problems and my concerns are there and not with anything more serious.  My mitro valve and bicuspid valves are regurgitating, but this is not life threatening, just annoying.

My health is good enough that I am working on the farm project and working out 10 minutes per day.  I begin school on Thursday.

I would like to acknowledge the passing of a friend, Steve White, who died Thursday of brain cancer.  He was the sort of man who emanated kindness and always made us laugh despite the grimness of his condition.  I feel honored to have known him.

Here’s to the next leg of our journey!