He’s my comedic hero.  Erick told me it was rumored he attempted suicide yesterday.  We talked about it while piling manure over wet newspaper in one of the guilds.  It made me realize just how important people like Owen Wilson have been for my health and well-being.  Laughter is incredibly healing; at the very least allowing time to slip by unnoticed which, during chemo, was the best medicine.

So, today we appreciate the comic genius behind the handsome, darling fellow: Owen Wilson.  May he find the medicinal value in his own laughter.

I attended Steve’s funeral last night.  There were so many people, they allowed people into the second floor of the house and then a huge crowd gathered on the lawn.  It was touching to see how many people Steve had impacted.  He’s another hero.

In other news, Erick helped me finish one of the guilds tonight.  I love it when he volunteers.  🙂  I finished three today and two yesterday.  Two more for this load and another two or three (I’ve lost count) left before we’ve completed all 15!   This has been an enormous project, but already we’re seeing vast improvements in soil fertility not only in the guilds, but all around the property.

And with that, I’ll close reminding those few faithful readers to take time out tonight for a good laugh, remember to love up those around you and maybe help your spouse with a project voluntarily – I also recommend good eighties music.