Where P=Momentum, M=Mass and V=Velocity

We walked (almost) to Lake Michigan this evening after a picnic at the dunes. It was fantastic. We found some neat fossils and taught the girls first hand about momentum while making our return trip.

As we set up camp, the few people at the dunes were just leaving, so we had the entire park to ourselves. It was incredible. The sun was shining and the sky above was as blue as the lake just beyond our view. Once we did reach the bluffs above the lakeshore, a fine mist hovered over the distant horizon. North and South Manitou dissapeared into the mist and appeared themselves to detach from the permanence of the landscape. It was magical. We all sat (panting) and after discussing the pros and cons of solar-powered vending machines on the shorelines, we laid back and let the sun warm us and the gentle wind wash over us. We could have let the land swallow us, but we knew it was a long walk back and we have so much more living to do.