I’m taking some time right now to uncover what makes me tick, reasons I feel happiest in the morning, and feel inspired to walk in the dark on hot nights.  I like the moon and rainbows and the sound of rain, especially in January because it reminds me of spring.

I’m really attached to old friends and have been trying hard to get to know and establish new friendships.  I’ve met some really fantastic people over the last year.  Friends are fun.  I think for a time I relied too heavily on one friend and when he moved away, it created a huge void.  I realized how much I enjoy people’s opinions on topics ranging from Jeff Goldblum’s latest girlfriend to whether the type of tree people put up at the holidays reflects anything personal about them, to silly dog tricks and midnight conversations about the universe.  And I’m finding the more people you let into your life, the more variety in these conversations.

Our lives are transitioning right now and into what, I can’t be certain.  For now I’m working on the things I know I can deal with singularly.  And I’m thinking sentence structure says something about people too.