We’re taking a lunch-break.  This weekend went well, though it was incredibly busy.  Rae’s wedding was amazing.  I finally met my First Connection person with whom I was partnered when first diagnosed with lymphoma.  She is seven years out and we had a lot to catch up on.  It was a fun visit.  I took one of my children to the Blessingway since I hadn’t really seen any of them all weekend.  And I came home Sunday night ready for a day and a half of rest.

We started school again today which gave me time yesterday to rest, edit the images from the wedding and burn them to disc.  Today I’m enjoying school with the girls, rain outside, the warmth of our house, and currently some M&Ms (soul food).

Life has been crazy lately.  We’ve been dealing with debt, and life after cancer, and for a time I felt overwhelmed with all of it.  What I’m recognizing now, is that I am indebted to my friends and family in a good way.  I now have an opportunity to give back, to learn and to inspire.