I started running on Monday and by Wednesday evening was in tremendous pain.  I’m only mentioning this beacuse today (Friday) I’m feeling great.  My body is handling the adjustment to our new routine wonderfully.  I’ll be running in an hour and am looking forward to discovering how feeling good will positively impact tonight’s run.

I’m still feeling a bit low about Ryan, but the running is a good inspiration.  I think of it as ccontinuing someone else’s joy and making some of that joy my own.  I didn’t know Ryan all that well – we were in the same class and neighbors, but mostly I saw him running.  It’s strange to think he’s gone and I think hardest to think of someone in such great health dying so young.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Much of the pain in running is from the body’s process of rebuilding.  Sometimes pain in life offers up a similar marker.