Just some obvious factoids on marathons:

The distance of 23 miles for a full marathon represents the approximate distance from Marathon to Athens, Greece.  Some humans can run a mile in under four minutes.  I’m beginning to think they’re aliens as I can barely run an 11-minute mile.  They run three miles for every one of mine.  Yes, aliens.  They are among us and apparently, they can outrun us…  Where am I going with this?  To bed.

The fish are being transferred in December.  I just finished cleaning their tank and they seem really happy with the results.  We lost power today several times; once for more than two hours and I was concerned about the water temperature dropping too far, but all survived.  I’m going to miss them.

Back to running…  It’s nearly impossible to run in this weather, so I’m not, but I’m looking forward to our move south where I’ll be able to run most of the year without ice, snow or sleet.  I’ve always enjoyed humidity, though I doubt I’ll be prepared for the kind of humidity that lay ahead.  Still…  It’s more like a long swim than a run when the air is thick with heat.  Oh yeah, hear me roar!