There’s a certain amount of joy I derive seeking and discovering a lesson in all that happens; good or otherwise.  When the u-pipe beneath my kitchen sink decided to give out this morning flooding the cabinets with water, I didn’t panic, but instead took action to clean up the water first and then contemplated a better fix for the temporary one enacted so frequently by my dear husband.

I called my step-father who said he would bring out some Teflon tape and try to fix it while he was here, but I knew of Teflon tape from watching Erick install various plumbing fixtures, so I went searching.  I found that the problem pipe is slightly warped and the goo being used to fill the gap would periodically give out.  The tape may not be a permanent fix, but I cleaned the pipes and carefully wrapped the problem pipe in Teflon tape and then refit and tightened and the leak stopped completely.  It was a good feeling.

So, now I know a little more about plumbing and I’ve gained some confidence in my own ability to tackle things head-on, no matter how large they loom on the immediate horizon.