I enjoyed an extended dream about the horses last night. Beauty, Hoartie and I shared some galas. It will be difficult to leave friends and family, but my gals! Oh! the agony!

I remember at the show barn, everyone recommended we buy a gelding. There was hardly a mare in the barn, though the one we used occasionally was sweet-tempered. When we arrived at TN and I became immediately enamoured with Beauty, a mare. And because I was spending so much time with Beauty, I spent time with all the mares in the pasture. And just as there is some difference between our friendships with men and women, as w0men, so too there was a difference in how I related to the mares versus the geldings.

I enjoy the mood variance in the mares. It isn’t altogether unpredictable, and why our culture is so obsessed with sameness, I’ll never know. This variance colored the personality of each horse and despite the occasional bad attitude, I was better able to understand what each horse wanted; making our friendship more sincere.

A week following my first treatment I made it out to the barn. I was still very weak and unsure of my future on this planet. Erick thought it would be good for me to get out and see the horses, so I walked carefully over to the pasture and leaned against the gate. Normally, when someone approaches the gate, the horses will lift thier heads and take notice, but go back to whatever they were doing before. Today, however, Beauty came right to the gate, followed by Bella and Xena.

It was fall and already the horses were covered in their soft winter coats. Beauty lowered her head into my chest and I hugged her close. I told her I would do everything I could to get better and then I let myself have a good cry. Bella stood watch a few feet behind Beauty and kept Xena and the other horses who were beginning to approach away. She stood guard.

“Thank-you, gals.” I whispered and then offered my hand to Bella. She stepped forward and accepted a rub on her nose. This entire communication lasted a few minutes, but it is with me still. I draw from that experience whenever it is needed. And it reminds me that no matter where we go in life, phsyically, our friends are with us. There are no barriers of time or space when it comes to love.