Voting in a free election should be a simple, easy-to-follow process; fair and unbiased.  On Tuesday, some Michigan voters might feel the need to revisit junior high government class in order to understand the ballots.  If you are voting for a democratic candidate and you’re not voting for Hillary Clinton, you’ll need to check the “unregistered delegate” box located on the ballot.   Assuming there are enough unregistered delegates, this may impact the number of delegates Clinton receives for Michigan.

Why the confusion?  Sen. Carl Levin (my favorite democratic senator), pushed Michigan’s primary date up to compete with Iowa and New Hampsire.  Iowa threatened to drop democratic candidates and their ballots and so we lost all but Clinton, who refused to be bullied.

Since when does Iowa have that kind of control over a vote I want to make for my candidate in my state?  And how is this a fair representation of votes in Michigan?  Yeah, that’s rhetorical.