Beginning in February, I think I’ll begin a new Flickr account for serious photographs/compositions.  I just wanted to mention this to the general public.

Also beginning in February, I will take you all on a journey with us as we learn to adapt in a new state, new city, and a new life.  Moving, finding a house, a doctor, new oncologist, healthy food market(s), learning how to travel on the light rail while shedding our dependency on our own car.  It will be a challenge, but a rewarding challenge. 

Each year, as I gently pluck bulbs off the branches of the tree, I send with them wishes for a happy year ahead.  And I try to remember where I am in that moment, so that opening the box one year later, I will clearly see how much things have changed.  Similarly, as I pack the last boxes before our big move, I am thinking ahead to the day they will be reopened and the changes and growth unfolding in between. 

This is the part of being human of which I am most proud:  That we are able to self-reflect, grow and change.  Some of us are reborn into new spiritual awareness, or phsyical form.  And this inspires me to capture in digital snapshots, those moments of reflection, those images that evoke strong emotion, an act of kindness or some mundane act that rekindles a sense of who we are, from where we’ve come or to where we wish the world to take us.