I feel strongly that a second chance at life deserves a bit of adventure. For months, I’ve been planning a tour of the US including fossil hunting, diving with great white sharks, whale-watching (I want to see a blue whale), walking the Grand Canyon and standing beside a redwood for perspective. Of course, a trip of this magnitude must be shared with friends! Christy, my trusty friend and my personal travel agent, found these two great tours. Click on one of the images below.

whaletail.jpg pic-shark18b.jpg

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I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so interested in seeing larger than life wonders. I think I need to step out of self-importance for a while. My life has been centered on survival for so long, I haven’t had an opportunity to look up and see those things that dwarf my life in comparison. Now I have a chance to live, to experience adventure, and to enjoy it with those I love.

What is your dream vacation?