We took our first trip into downtown uptown today for lunch.  The train-ride was fun; both engineers waved at the girls and tooted the horn.  We are fairly enamored with this town.  All around us are buildings constructed to be the best in all of Charlotte and in each you’ll find people friendlier than family at times.  The city is alive.  The food is divine.  And there’s no snow!  In fact, I didn’t bother with a coat today and I keep thinking it’s late May.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss Michigan; the lakes and bays and beautiful farms, but I’m also learning to love the city-life.  For much the same reason I find orchards beautiful: the organization of natural elements (in this case, humans), I have discovered something akin to magic inside the glow of the city.

For unedited photos of our outing today, please visit our flickr site.