If you haven’t seen Flight of the Concords, you really should; it’s only the best show ever.  We watch an episode any time things slow down around here and then spend the next several days in repetitious reverie as we reflect on the ingenious music, lyrics and situational comedy.  Erick admittedly wishes to copy Jemaine’s appearance and I’m behind him 100%.  Not sure how we’ll achieve the gap in his front teeth, but we’ll think of something.

In other news, we all walked to Einstein Bros. Bagels today with our beagle.  They have an amazing selection of any kind of bagel you might think of if given 20 seconds or less after four or fewer hours sleep.  Very tasty.

We also drove out to Lincolnton where I realized I missed Charlotte.  There were no black people in Lincolnton and, in case you’ve never been in the rural south, where there are no black people, there are often people who despise Northerners (and a whole selection of other races, one gender, a political party and ethnic or religious groups).   Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but in Charlotte, we can mingle with diversity and flirt with a way of life entirely foreign, but completely enticing.