Something I’ve noticed about the city: There’s a lot of glass.  Most of the buildings have minimalist railways, doors, divisions, so as to express the enormity of space stretching out before you.  It isn’t obvious, and certainly it’s not the kind of thing I would ordinarily mention, but today I ran into my second plate-glass window and it got me thinking that I should pay more attention.  It’s so embarrassing!

In other news, we’re on the hunt for a condo in Uptown.  We met with a Realtor who shows rental properties.  In the next month, we’ll need to move into a larger space and move our belongings down from Michigan.  This is the next step before a purchase either in Uptown or outside of town.  It’s too early to make any major decisions, so we’re just hoping to find something comfortable and spacious enough for our table.  Uptown is pricey, so we’ll be fortunate if we can even find something affordable.

I bought an ivy and umbrella plant this afternoon for some greenery.  Wherever we land, I really need access to dirt and planters and room outside or enough sunlight to sustain some greens.  I’m going to do some research into that permaculture farm an hour north of Charlotte.  If I can’t have a planter, maybe I can spend some time learning on a working farm.