Celli, the beagle, has done a fantastic job of adjusting to the strange sounds and textures of the city. She’s made friends with another dog who frequents the Canine Cafe’ down the road and she no longer quivers at the sight of an oncoming train.  Still, there’s always a surprise for the little Northern Michigander beagle.

The other morning, as we crossed Bland St. on our walk, a train approached and out of nowhere, the train-crossing road block arms-of-God came down right over our unsuspecting pup.  All four legs went out and I couldn’t budge her in either direction.  As the bells ding-ding-dinged and the train roared past, my dog sprang from the ground to the curb at lightning-fast-instinct-for-survival-speed and I, less inclined toward protest, flew along beside her, happy to be somewhere other than the road.

At home, Celli is frequently rewarded for her daily efforts at normalcy with healthy treats and a lot of love and attention.  She now looks forward to our walks, but remains ever vigilant when we cross Bland St. for those sneaky, pesky road blocks.   sunshineuptown2_08-136.jpgsunshineuptown2_08-132.jpgsunshineuptown2_08-146.jpg