I met with both my new cardiologist and oncologist today.  I am both impressed with their empathy and confident in their knowledge.  The cardiologist spent an hour explaining how my heart functions and potential treatments, all the while keeping in mind I’d like to get away from my reliance on the medication.   Instead of a pace-maker, there’s a procedure- a type of ablation, where they cauterize a line inside the atrial wall to disrupt signal interference.  My doctor suggested this may help enough that I could discontinue the medication.

In oncology news, I received a small blow to my confidence when my doctor informed me a recurrence would mean a complete stem-cell transplant.   When I asked about a regiment of Rituxan, he said the drug would only be effective with an indolent or slow-growing form of lymphoma.  The survival rate for a transplant is 40%.

My PET scan is scheduled for Monday.  And if I’m clear, that’s good news; the further out, the better.   Still, I was shaken by news of the transplant because I’ve been telling myself cancer is no big deal with the right drugs.  The fact is, cancer’s a bitch.

That said, I eat right, exercise daily, and laugh often – the best defense against a recurrence.   And the great news is that I’ve met three wonderful doctors who are managing a game-plan for my continued good health.

And completely unrelated, I’m considering making the switch to a digital Cannon (40D).  Anyone have an opinion on this?