Have you ever eaten octopus? Thanks to Brett and Kim, friends of ours from Michigan, who moved to NC a year before us, we have.


Even my cute little people tried it and the youngest actually returned for more. Brett promised them candy if they would just try it and sure enough, they all gave it a shot. It’s very similar to calamari, only more chewy.


Dessert was divine. We had amazingly over-sized portions of baklava, followed by a trip by train to an overflowing Uptown with CIAA folk in from all over. It wasn’t the norm for our normally quiet weekend train rides, but at least Brett, who works for an engineering firm on projects similar to our light rail system, was able to experience the quiet commuter train first hand.

He also pointed out that all of the grate surrounding trees in our city is from the EJIW, or East Jordan Iron Works. Pretty neat.

Kim is currently teaching a first-grade class, so my girls, dancing and being crazy, didn’t frighten her away as they might have a novice. In all, we all had a nice time and were really happy to see some familiar faces from home, even if home for both families is now a thousand miles away.