Today has been an odd day, but before I go into that, I really must confess on of my dreams from last night. It’s simple enough, but what does it mean? I saw my arms lowering bibles into a drawer. Some were old, some were new, some had belonged to members of my family, some were gifts from family and some didn’t seem to belong to anyone in particular. Any ideas?

My youngest caught the flu I’ve been battling all weekend. To complicate matters, I took Celli out for a potty break and as I was walking back, my knee gave out. I was in excruciating pain and alternating between crawling and limping back to my apartment. Celli was so worried. She stayed right by me and had her full attention on my leg. When I made it into the apartment I called an ambulance. The pain had me on the floor – this was no ordinary pain. I’ve never lived in a big city before, so I was hugely impressed with the response time to this non-life-threatening emergency. Impressive.  A medic helped me ease my leg into a better position and iced it.

It’s been four hours since the first pain hit and I’m feeling much better, but have not yet been able to straighten my leg.  I’m wondering whether something is caught in the joint itself?  It feels like it catches on something every time I try to extend it and then the pain becomes unbearable.

Have I complained enough?  I think so.  At the moment, it’s difficult to truly complain; snuggled close on one side by my bittiest baby and on the other by the soft and loyal beagle.