We made tacos last night and proved to ourselves food does not have to be pretty to be tasty.


The living room during lessons…


Celli being a beagle… I was doing some reading on beagles and found they are one of the most loyal breeds, bonding with the pack and as excitable as a terrier.  Ours is excitable only in the morning.


The kitchen…


Some architectural features.  Did I mention I looked at a house yesterday that was so grotesque, I actually gagged?  Paneling and animal pelts as far as the eye could see…  This apartment on the other hand offers an open, airy feeling and the only animal pelt is being worn by the animal.


A little office-nook…


And this is where the magic happens…  Isn’t it the perfect example of utilitarian?  Our bed is still in Michigan along with most of our life, but soon….


At least the rooms are gigantic… And the bathrooms and closets echo that vastness of space…  (sorry about the mess)


This concludes our tour.  The girls also have a gimongo bath and closet.  Lot’s of places to hide baskets full of prizes for the holiday.  HAPPY EASTER!