So, I thought I’d spend some time today getting our truck registered in NC, which meant I also had to insure it through a new agency (no problems there) and begin the process of obtaining a new license in the great state of North Carolina.

It just so happens that we have 15 days from today to get the truck registered and licenses for both Erick and me. This didn’t seem like a big deal until I realized I don’t have my Soc card. It’s in Michigan. So, I called the Social Security office in Charlotte repeatedly to see whether I could expedite the process by going in person, but no answer, so I finally gave in and printed the form off their website to mail in. It was at that point that I learned the Social Security Admin requires an original birth certificate in order to process a duplicate social security card. That puts us out a few weeks easily.

I then decided to try to reach any of the DMV offices in Charlotte. I called four different offices repeatedly along with the state number and toll free numbers and ALL were busy and have been busy for HOURS.

At least we have insurance, but I’m not sure that’s valid since the truck isn’t registered and we can’t register it without those licenses. I’m pretty sure the DMV is evil.  Like the last half of this sketch…