The combination of house-hunting and managing a family has me a bit on edge. We’ve found houses we really like on hardly any land and land with houses lacking any form of curb appeal. If we stay in the apartment, we’ll have to continue storing our belongings in Michigan, but we’ll be able to save up some real capital. If we find a house, we’ll be able to welcome Lady back home, along with our houseplants and belongings, but we’ll likely have HOA fees and a higher monthly payment with less money put aside.

I’m wishing we could put an offer on the Lenoir house, and rent a studio in the city, but then again, I’m not sure that would be good for the family and it would eat into our potential savings.

Yesterday was a disappointing house-shopping experience. We found a great builder, but his houses were on slivers of land and I’m just not sure I can give up my Healing Tree dreams for a house built on land formerly used as a family farm. The irony pains me. We thought we had a great house, with a huge lot perfect for the project, but when we opened the door, the entire house had been gutted, there was evidence of water damage and the price was near 300K as is.

I think it’s time to put the power of positive thinking to work:

We are thankful for our farm and excited to see the landscape unfold as summer nears and warmer weather sweeps through the budding trees, the sparkling dandelions, wind rippled creek out back; raising the scent of horse hair. I am thankful for the sound of the black horse chewing her hay, her breath and the feel of the ground as she thunders past, freely. I am thankful for the sound of my girls’ laughter as they find a palace beneath the canopy of an old apple tree, make friends with ladybugs and run with butterflies on the wind. I am thankful for this peaceful place where we may all feel safe and at home in our lives.