Well, yesterday was a bit stressful, but I think we handled it well.  Our house deal fell through, but then the buyers decided to continue, so we’re still on for a mid-April closing.  Erick and I both feel like things will work out for the best and we’re trying to find the humor in all those uncomfortably tense moments.

In other news, I’m excited because today Erick is taking me to the hardware to show me how to make a lamp.  I’ve been wanting to make a lamp for some time now and have been browsing lamp-making supply websites, but found I didn’t know enough to make sense of them.  Now, with a little guidance from my electrically minded partner, I plan to make a small reading lamp out of a ball canning jar.  It will be so cute!

Yesterday was also the first day in my hunt for a small kitchen table.  We’ve been eating off of towels on the floor because all of our furniture is still in Michigan.  I think a table would make lesson-time and dinner time a whole lot easier.

After the good news regarding our house, we celebrated by going down to the Greek restaurant on the corner and ordered baklava and chocolate cake.  This morning there is left over baklava in my refrigerator.  What a great way to start the day!