We purchased supplies for my lamp-making endeavor.  I found a really cool Ball jar from the early part of last century.  You can approximate it’s age by the color of the glass and lid.  It’s also a 1-pc lid with wax instead of the common 2-pc.  We’ll be drilling through the lid and the back side of the glass, threading the cord, assembling the socket and structure and Ta-da! we’ll have one really cool reading lamp.

The diamond bit is very inexpensive (I think I paid around $14).  Though this style bit may be used with a hand-held, we’ll be using a drill press due to the size of the bit and fragility of the glass.

Welcome to Spring!

We drove down to Columbia Saturday night to check out a really cool game store.  They allow and encourage you to sit down and play any game available, so there were lots of fun people hanging around.  Games + table = GAME NIGHT!

PoPo and her puzzles.  This bright little person is very spatially oriented and loves visual puzzles.

The Gug-bug loves making spaceships out of magnetic shapes.

My first 4*4*4*4 solve!!!

The family room, leading to sun room of a model-house we’re considering having built.  It would take five months to complete the project and the house would sit on a small lot overlooking a small lake.  (In Michigan this lake would be called a pond.)

We saw a house today with a beautiful central stair.  Though in need of work, the house was unique and offered a space and place for everything.

We have not yet found chairs for our little round table, but the girls picked out some rad placemats today and Erick found the card-table chairs.

Welcome to the future.