Last night some couple threw a huge party in which the balcony was flooded with 30 or more people; all drinking and talking loudly.  At first we told ourselves they’re just having fun and though each Saturday night is marked with similar parties; each keeping us up later than we’d like, this one felt different.  Around 9pm a man decided to pee off the balcony.  Unfortunately, with all the commotion, our girls were watching them out the window and witnessed the act.  Around 11 the police showed up, but the officer only gave the a warning, so I ran down to meet him and told him about the man urinating off the balcony.  I also mentioned the beer bottles everywhere.  I couldn’t identify which of men it was who had exposed himself in front of the girls, but I did ask about the littering of beer bottles all over the property.  “Unfortunately, this is private property,” he replied, but he did add me to the list of people filing a noise complaint.  

Naturally, as is always the case with unruly drunks, when the officer left, the party grew louder.  Erick and I turned on fans to drown out the noise and sat up on the couch in the dark talking about life.  The funny thing is, after it died down and everyone went home (thankfully most of them by cab), I went to bed and slept soundly.  Maybe that’s the key to dealing with these parties – wait ’em out and then go to sleep rather than tossing and turning under the thistly blanket of noise and falling debris.