Due to rain, the festivities were moved indoors.  My middle child is a Clinton supporter and I wanted her to have an opportunity to see Hillary Clinton up close and since Clinton’s daughter accompanied her mother, I thought a mother-daughter night out to see a historic mother-daughter duo might be fun.  We stood near the stage and listened as other senators endorsed the NY senator.  We heard a country music star sing the National Anthem and then the lights dimmed and in walked the Clintons.  I had to hold Ava up over the crowd so she could see them.

Half way through, we decided to find seats and that’s when Erick surprised me with the rest of our posse.  He said he thought seeing Hillary Clinton speak might inspire our daughters to think big.  I was proud of him for trekking out on his own for the sake of our girls because though we’re 4/5 Obama supporters, I was still proud to see Clinton standing up for America; promoting “green”-collared jobs, talking about renewable energy and in general taking a stand where so many have abandoned the post.  

After the speech, we walked down to Rock Bottom, a great brewery in Uptown.  There we experienced several fire-drills and some great food (though I was too excited to eat).  

Afterward, we took the train to Bland Street for some Baklava at Greek Isles.  And that concluded our busy evening.

And off-topic slightly: We were crossing Tryon the other night when suddenly a car came around the corner going too fast.  With my entire family in harm’s way, I did what any mom would do and stuck my knee out to take the impact.  Fortunately the car stopped before it struck my knee or family, but I had to laugh that I imagined I could stop that big car with my knee.  And then it occurred to me that perhaps we mothers do have super-human strength and that had that car hit my knee, it would have hit a barrier of pure self-less parental dedication.