Erick called and wanted to do lunch, so we hopped the train (almost ran smack into the side of it) and headed into the heart of Uptown.  Lunch was yummy with enough left over to simplify dinner plans and dessert consisted of a trip to the coffee shop for chocolaty beverages.  Erick ordered a frozen drink and they topped it with chocolate whipped cream.  Is there anything as wonderful as chocolate whipped cream?  I can only imagine dark chocolate shavings to top the topping.  

My oldest turns seven on Sunday.  My youngest suggested an apple crisp for her birthday treat.  A nice fit, I agree.  The first child born into this family is now old enough to assert herself at restaurants and in conversations with adults.  It seems like no time has passed between the girl I know now and the tiny red-headed baby-monster who taught me to change diapers and not to gag at the sight of baby spit-up.  I can hold intelligent conversations with this child and we’re always learning something from her as often as the other way ’round.  I am amazed at how much has changed in this first seven years and can only imagine what the next seven holds.  

I remember turning seven – I recall the turmoil of my youth up until that point; the merciful settling off.  This child has never known suffering – except for the occasional sentence-writing assignment.  With good fortunate, she will continue to grow and feel loved throughout her journey on this planet.  And with a little luck, she’ll be that much stronger, more intelligent, satisfied and adventurous than her parents. 

An evolution like the chocolate whipped topping.