Happy Father’s Day!  The girls surprised Erick with hand-made sock-puppets and drawings this afternoon.  It was fun watching them assemble them in secret.  I stood back and didn’t interfere and, as often happens when I don’t interfere, all went smoothly.  The girls are creative beings.


To help with sock-monster production, Erick bought me a Singer.  It’s my first real sewing machine (besides the one back home, circa 1904) and fairly dummy-proof, so I’m very happy using it.  I can now sew the bodies and the appendages with the machine, bur still enjoy sewing the monsters together by hand.


Above is the new “Americana Monster” alongside another “doll.”  I’m loving the names people are sending for their monsters.  I’ve decided not to name them because people have been so creative and fun.  We’re now beefing up our inventory – trying to produce and sell somewhere near 80 monsters by December.  

Below:  The new Wachovia tower is reaching 20+ floors and counting.  When finished, it will reach 55 stories.