I bought an EMF sensor one day last week for fun.  It arrived yesterday afternoon and after I located a battery, I meandered around the house (apartment) in search of electromagnetic field radiation.  Really, I bought the meter to go on a ghost-hunt, but the more I think about ghost-hunting, the more I realize it isn’t the ghosts I’m after, it’s the hope upon which I am feeding myself that something bigger is out there – something corporations and capitalism can’t sour.  Something sacred and uncommon.  

And then it occurred to me as I walked through the rooms registering a constant 0.00 until near an outlet or other device, that I may never find a spike.  That I might have to settle with the spike having occurred when I realized I am living on borrowed time in a second life brought to you by Merc and the Munson Medical Center infusion clinic.    

Yesterday, someone asked me why I blog.  I blog because I want to remain connected to other humans.  I take photographs to share in some unspoken joy.  I write poetry to celebrate the rhythm of the human word.  And I write about my own experiences not because I think they are particularly unique, but because I hope they are shared or understood by at least one other person.  

I’m not looking for ghosts, I’m craving proof of our humanity.  Not in the dead, but in the living.  Not in the distraction, but in the interactions.  And what I’m sensing right now is that the city can be a very lonely place, that people can be cruel and often put money above all else.  But I’m also learning that this bitter pill can sour the whole body and it is best to hold it under your tongue than to swallow.  If we all hold out for our own spikes on our own meters that measure kindness, humility, compassion and empathy, then maybe we will uncover something not so outside the realm of possibility.  Maybe something magical really does exist within us all to be better, happier, more peaceful beings.


*EMF Field Tester I purchased is not the one shown.  I purchased an EMF-822A.