And so there we were on our way back from a decision not to purchase my most beautiful 1950s  “monstrosity” when I asked Erick if he wouldn’t mind pulling over so I could snap a photo of an old supermarket off of Wilkinson Blvd.  As Erick turned around, he was forced to take an unfamiliar road near an industrial park in a not-so-great section of town.  As I announced my dismay, I notice something walking between the forest edge and road that truly startled me.  After months of rarely seeing anything more than the mockingbirds and mourning doves who make their homes in the parking garage of our building, there stood a red wolf only feet away.  Erick turned the truck around while I pulled out my camera as the wolf retreated to the woods.  I’ve already contacted someone regarding his location since the red wolf is still endangered.

It may be difficult to distinguish his size from these images, but he was very tall and had beautiful piercing eyes.  

We also saw a train cross the Catawba for the first time.  

And from the fourth floor of our parking garage, we watched the strange, eerie cement creature arch into the air and down again to deliver concrete to the building site next door.  

And before then there was the amazing Gug logging in to her very own account on the Mac.  She knows how to enter her very own password and where to go for her alphabet game.  It’s amazing. 

Erick and I celebrated eight years on Monday.  Erick presented me with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers and I gave him a wooden game called Solitaire (I know strange for an anniversary to give your spouse a game of one, but… it’s so fun!).  Below you’ll see my high-score.  Down to two pegs!  Erick’s record is four.

Erick called me early and asked if I could pick him up from work.  When I pulled up to the curb, I saw Erick with the bouquet cradled in his arms.  I couldn’t stop smiling.