Just returned from some fun slip-n-slide action outside on the lawn.  I owe you photos, but cannot upload until I am home, so they’ll appear in one lump entry.  Until then, you’ll have to use your imaginations.

So far in Michigan we’ve:

  • Slipped and slid
  • Walked and photographed the State Hospital Grounds (GT Commons)
  • Gone for coffee at every great coffee shop in town
  • Had lunch at Oryana and GT Pie Co.
  • Breakfast at the Omelette Shoppe
  • Swam in the Grass Lakes
  • Played at the Civic Center
  • Picked up our greyhound for an extended vacation visit (what a sweet puppy)
  • Looked at ER/TC real estate
  • Revisited Erick’s old office
  • Rescued a turtle off the road and released it at the river near the hospital where it can live out its life in balance with nature rather than in the small aquarium Erick suggested 😉
  • Grilled out
  • Taught little people how to ride bikes
Mostly, we’ve enjoyed watching movies and hanging out under trees.  We’ve missed that quiet sound of wind rustling leaves.  I spend hours writing in the back bedroom where the curtains dance lightly on wind and where I can hear those peaceful whispers.  
I love this place.