Okay, I’ve decided something: no more pity parties for we uprooted Michiganders.  I have a purpose and a plan and being in Michigan helped revitalize that overwhelmed part of me.  Firstly, we don’t have to stay here forever.  Decision no. 1: We’re not buying a house here; we’ll rent for one year – 18 months.  This will give Erick more time on his current career path to work, learn, and earn.  Secondly, I’m a writer and at heart an environmentalist so Decision no. 2 involves taking the time to forward both my writing career and my desires warm people up to the idea of organic, low-carbon footprint living.  Maybe there’s a way to make recycling easier in our building?  Or perhaps I could start submitting articles to the local papers here as well as back in MI?  Whatever I end up doing, one thing is clear, I’m not going to wait to do it.  

So, I’m feeling better now that I’ve decided to.