We made crepes Sunday morning.  I LOVE making crepes, but have not made them in some time.  We didn’t have access to fresh berries, but I cooked down some frozen organic raspberries and blueberries with a little sugar and it worked out splendidly.  My kitchen took the brunt of my creativity.  

The girls eagerly await the first bite!

Crepes are 80% the right combination of fresh ingredients, 19% art and 1% magic.  For a family of five, double the recipe.  

Erick’s amazing artist mother re-created Humpty-Dumpty better than ever complete with a handmade hurdy-gurdy.  Inside the hurdy-gurdy is a music box, so when you crank it, “My favorite things” plays.  This was a gift to Ava, who was immediately enamored.  The egg sits atop a keep-sake box.  What a special gift.