I was trying to think of a way to earn money the old fashioned way – with hard work, talent and determination.  My distant cousin became famous in New York selling his poetry on the street.  You paid him a quarter and he would recite a poem on the spot.  It got me thinking; How much is the written word worth?  

Would you pay a stranger on the street $5, $10, $500 for a personal poem written on the spot?  I suppose it depends a lot on the stranger and the buyer, but my thought was this:  Charge $5/five-line poem written out and incorporating some personal element from the buyer’s life.  Instead of flowers, significant others could buy a poem for their partners.  

I thought about calling myself the Daytime Literary Prostitute, but when I looked up definitions for prostitute online, it definitely includes some sexual act.  I can, however, whore myself out to the general populous as a writer desperately seeking liberation from rigid corporate structure.  I could avoid offensive language altogether and just have a shirt made up that says, “Writer for hire.”