From our recent trip to MI:  We had just stopped for coffee and I had purchased some fritters to take with us on the ride.  Celli, who rode between Erick and I, was nibbling bits of fritter I handed off as I drove.  

Erick said, “Will you stop that; I don’t want harffed-up fritter bits all over the truck.”  When I tried to repeat the phrase I about blacked out, I was laughing so hard – Just say harffed aloud and then imagine Erick, a straightforward and sometimes pensive young man, saying it and you’ll see what I mean.  

It’s now a catch-phrase in our household.  I’ll hear the middle child telling her older sister not to eat her snack because, “You wouldn’t want to harff fritter bits.”  Or my oldest asking me not to put toothpaste on her toothbrush because she’ll “harff-up fritter bits.” 

Sometimes I just say it out of the blue because even a month later, it still makes me laugh uncontrollably thinking back on Erick’s serious expression while using such a strange, descriptive word. 

This is probably one of those blog-entries I’ll regret later and delete, so read it while it’s hot.