We drove down to Rock Hill and looked at a farm for sale with five acres and a barn.  It was a neat property – very beautiful although loud from road noise and the house was over 200 years old.  Still, Erick and I stood at the fence looking out at the green all around and he smiled and told me I looked beautiful, “You’re glowing.”  I was amazed at how good if felt just to be near open spaces and large, old trees again.  I was tempted to buy the property for the land alone and live in a tent beside the house!

Anyway, we’re looking in both Michigan and in North Carolina.

On a sad note, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore died yesterday.  Erick had a dream the night before last that he was playing sax on the streets in Uptown, so I put the two events together and told him to drive up to Charlottesville for an audition.  Jeff Coffin is filling in currently (great musician).  I really enjoyed the element of jazz Moore added to the band’s music.  Moore died unexpectedly after complications resulting from an ATV accident on his farm in VA.