I only worked for the Elk Rapids BLS for a very short time (maybe two months) before moving on to an ALS unit closer to my house in TC.  And I left the ALS unit after three or four months because I was pregnant and getting too large to handle the gurney (or the patients).  Still, only two months of the tones – specific tones for your station in Antrim Co. and any time I hear them today, it’s a Pavlov response – I freeze and listen.  

My first night on call, I awoke to a different township’s towns and ran smack into the refrigerator looking for my pager.  They’re similar, but after a few days you pick up on the differences.  So today, when an industrial cleaner came in and began cleaning an apartment in the building next door, the tones generated by their vacuum matched our tones back home and I stopped, listened and thought for a moment I was losing my mind.  At any rate, it took me back to a simpler time in my life when my only real responsibility was listening for those tones.  

Is there a smell or sound or sight that takes you back to another time in your life?