Christy has been telling me to take vitamin D of late due to my down moods since moving to the city.  She was concerned I wasn’t getting enough sunlight to absorb my regular intake of D through milk.  On Monday, I had bloodwork done to see whether my hormone levels were normal and the doctor concurred with Christy and checked my D levels.  Sure enough, they’re really low.  

SO, my prescription, besides some additional intake in supplement form: a healthy dose of SUNSHINE.

This news today about my levels made me realize that all those times I’ve told Erick I really have a basic human NEED to be outdoors, I wasn’t exaggerating.  Maybe my desire to farm comes from a basic desire to survive?  It’s interesting that our career choices might be influenced in part by something as simple as a vitamin deficiency.  

Regardless, I agree with the doc- Even if my levels hadn’t been low, I think an increase in outdoor time is warranted.  It’s sort of frustrating that after all my ramblings on intuition, I would need the excuse of a doctor telling me I have a deficiency before I do something about it.  

I’m walking outside the shadows these days.