“Go a light unto the darkness and curse it not.”  -N.D. Walsh

We homeschool and don’t usually take long periods off for summer holidays, but instead teach throughout the year and take a week off here and there.  On Monday, we graduated the girls to the 2nd, 1st grade and Grade K officially.   Not much has changed in terms of how lessons are presented except that this year I’m including a question I overheard Erick ask our girls last month:  What is your purpose?

What a simple, yet profound question!  And what a great way to keep kids focused while nurturing their independence.  As soon as a child is old enough to understand purpose, he or she is capable of providing an answer.  Rather than direct your child with statements, this method allows your child to come up with solutions and redefine his or her path.

For example, if your child states her purpose: I am here to help others.  You might ask, “How do you help others?”  or “Who would you like to help?”  The wheels begin to turn and suddenly the child feels a sense of responsibility to self and to others.  Allowing the child to develop her own sense of purpose will keep her grounded and will not overwhelm her as it might if you laid out all the opportunities or troubles of the world before her without solutions.  

What is your purpose?