We travelled over to Nashville, TN this week to visit family.  Sarah (Erick’s sister) threw a pool party Saturday for her son who turned four.  We enjoyed the trip over – passing through mountains and one curvy tunnel.  

Erick’s brother came by the house with his friends and they all played.  

The party was a success!  Lot’s of smiling faces and plenty of time in the water.  

This photo looks dysfunctional, but really it’s the post party gathering with eight children. The woman at left listening to my husband tell some tale is a close friend of Sarah’s and very sweet.  

Chris and balloons. 

Sarah and our youngest.

The Parthenon in Franklin, TN.  This version was built in the 1920s over an even earlier replica left over from a World’s Fair.  Apart from the method of construction and materials used, this version is a full to-scale replica complete with accurate paint swatches and a gigantic statue of Athena.  

What a relief.  

It’s Greek to us. 

One of my favorite moments along our journey was spent with this beautiful basset hound, Chloe.  She’s Sarah’s new puppy and just adorable.  More on Chloe and the trip tomorrow…