While I understand the argument behind the press demanding access to John McCain’s medical records, I’m also dismayed by it.  Is it really our “right” to access medical records?  I mean, one of the reasons I’m supporting the other candidate is so I hold on to my personal freedoms and liberties.  

I realize McCain has suffered health problems, but that only makes me examine his VP choice with additional scrutiny.  Isn’t that enough?  I mean at the first sign of dementia, we can revoke powers, but to demand medical records?  Not in my government. 

If the man commits a crime against another person putting them at risk for a deadly disease, then fine, make your demands.  But in the case of the next president, it’s still personal and I don’t feel it’s our right to know anything more than what we see before us in terms of personal health problems.  

Of course, it’d be nice if McCain would keep his hands off my reproductive rights, but that’s another fight.  Why can’t the press focus on the other elephant in the room?