Last night I had one of those dreams that seems to stretch on throughout the night.  You wake up thinking about it and then go right back to where you left off.  By morning, it’s like you need time to process the whole thing, so you lie there staring at the ceiling trying to interpret the meaning.

Whenever I’ve dreamed about large animals attacking, it’s always been related to my health.  In this dream, I was surrounded by wolves; which is ironic because my animal totem is a wolf and comes in times of ailing health.  In this case, they were trying to eat me.  There were others trapped with me in a hunting shack in the woods and we knew once the wolves arrived, we would have no choice but to fight since the shack was barely standing.  A lot happened earlier in the dream, but this last part is significant because the shelter was really only an illusion of shelter and we knew it.  

And with all of this, there’s a feeling of betrayal that I would be killed by wolves – the animal who has guided me all along.  Since the wolf represents my intuition, could it be I’m concerned over my own ability to recognize and interpret signs about my own health and well-being?  

Whatever the meaning behind the dream, I’ll spend some time today reflecting and hopefully finding some clarity in the dream.