What does the current economic crisis have to do with the subject of older homes?  Patience.  

We used to build homes to last generations; not to turn a quick dime in a few years.  We once incorporated quality materials, hand-carved ornaments and details that made each house a unique expression of ourselves.  Today we “flip” houses and have the same attitude toward a new home as we do toward shoes or our computer – if it gets old, we’ll just get a new one.  

So what does this have to do with the economy?  We’ve become spoiled on quick-fix money-making schemes that offer short-term reward at a long-term cost.  We use cheap materials that will cause the average new-build to depreciate in the near-term for wear.  And worse, we sell these homes to people who can’t afford them and when these houses foreclose, the banks can’t even turn a remote profit.  

I’m not suggesting everyone go out and buy an old house, but I am suggesting we learn from the example of the older home and focus on quality, not quantity in all aspects of our lives.