Biden:  Strong debater, belated numbers, “presidential,” in touch, experienced.

Palin: Weak debater, strong resolve, weak in experience, too cutesy and overuse of words: also and though.  And if I hear “Maverick” one more time…   

In terms of answering questions, Biden won the debate.  He answered the questions, responded to Palin, but did not attack – stuck to the larger issues.  Palin was certainly a lot stronger at the lectern than before the “East Coast intellectual media (forgive us our trespasses).”  It bothers me that Palin avoids answering questions and refuses to address specifics with any of McCain’s policies.  

Though Biden’s energy was lower than usual (I believe he was out voting on important legislation late last night), as a voter and citizen of this country, I felt far more comfortable with Biden’s approach and diplomacy exercised throughout the debate.  And I was concerned with the over-zealous attachment Palin has to Israel.  

Just a few quick opinions before bed.

More on Biden’s referenced family tragedy.  He does not often talk about the loss of his wife and daughter to a drunk driver.